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We like to thank all of our customers who have given us such constructive feedback.
Julie from Tasmania April 2016
Thank you gain for not only directing me to one of your stockists close to where I live but also for making these beautiful products, and your commitment to healthy living
Lyn from Croydon Vic
I have used your interstitial cystitis tea for many years and find it has reduced stress and inflammation so I now feel no pain.
Monica     Jan 2016
Green Chai   I love this tea and could drink it all day every day!
Helen Dec 2015
Sinu Blend
Love it…where can I purchase it on the NW coast of Tasmania please? It is not sickly to taste or too sweet like some other herbal teas and does help with sinuses…. well it helps with mine. Thank you
Stomach Soother Dec 2014
This tea was so helpful to me when my digestion was poor owing to stress of the emotional kind. I would recommend it to everybody when their digestion gets upset. The herbs were noticeably very fresh and active. I’m going to buy some more of this tea for sure.
Cherylene  feb 2016
Replenishing face cream with manuka honey
I love this face cream, I have been using it twice daily for two weeks (after visiting your shop in Oatlands with my mum and daughter) and I love the way it soaks into my skin! Great product!
Jane sept 2015
Lemon myrtle, Manuka honey & tea tree
I’ve been using this soap for over 5 years and swear by its healing properties on my sensitive skin. I live in Canada, but order it regularly as I have not found a similar product here.
Tip dec 2014
3C soap
We’ve been buying this soap for 3 years from Canberra Food Co-op. My daughter has eczema and I have sensitive skin, and this soap is perfect for us! I also buy a few others (avocado, etc.) but I love 3C the best. We use it around the house, in the bathroom and kitchen, and take it on holiday and camping. Please keep making it!
Kelvin Canberra
Every time that I have been back to the markets, I like the ease that the people manning the stall talks with the customers.  Also, quick turn around in orders. I like the variety of the soaps and how long they last for.
My partner and I have used a range of natural soaps. We particularly want palm oil free soaps. Many other similar soaps don’t last as long as yours and we like the fragrances and options you have.
Mark – Darwin
Natural ingredients and no chemical smell … fast service with online purchases
Lynn – Canberra
I first bought your soaps at Floriade in 2013 and now online – Good quality product. Service is good.
Henry Canberra
We were impressed with Natures Paths products presented at Canberra markets some years ago and we have been using them since then. It is a natural product and very beneficial for our ageing skin (in our 70s) and the service A1.
Susan – Victoria
The freshness of the herbs in the teas, the variety of the teas, the combination and what to & how to use them and also the fact that you donate some money towards worthy organisation.
Kaye – NSW
You use no coconut oil, so I can feel good about not contributing to the destruction of tropical rain forest to grow coconut oil.
Joanne – South Australia
My sisters & I were holidaying in Tasmania and happened to visit your shop in Oatlands. I bought some of your soap & loved it so I have bought it on line since. It is much better for my skin & each bar lasts quite some time.
Sheri 20yo Sydney
I came across your product at Salamanca Markets some years ago and after speaking with the very helpful stall holder I tried your olive oil soaps not only as a bathing product but also as shampoo and have never looked back.  I had not used any other brand before, or since. Product is natural and achieves what it has promised – my skin and hair have never felt better.  The website is easy to navigate and on the one occasion when I had a problem with my order (liquid had seeped from one of the products during transit) it was dealt with in a friendly manner as well as  quickly and effectively.
Margaret – WA
I came out in a terrible irritating rash on my hands and face so I went looking online for a soap that was safe to use for that condition and have been totally delighted with your soaps.  Love the rose and olive oil soaps in particular.  I have always found your website and service very efficient and would not hesitate in recommending you to others.  I have also given soaps away to people with sensitive skin.  I’m looking forward to your new products but please don’t delete the soaps you already sell.  It is so good to get an Australian product without any nasties in it. Good luck for the future
Stephanie ACT
I decided to treat myself to some teas and soap when I saw your stall at some markets in Tassie. I have always suffered from eczema and I found that your soaps worked very well with my skin. I liked that there was a variety of different types, including lemon myrtle. Over time by using your soaps in conjunction with dietary changes my eczema has now gone away. I now use the bar soaps for showers, the liquid kunzea soap for hand-wash, and the liquid castile for soap at the gym.   I also find your echinacea tea blend extremely good when I am sick.
Judy Vic
I have always bought Aleppo Soaps but I don’t think they are making much soap in Syria at the moment. I love your soaps and so glad you are making them and they last so long, longer than the Aleppo soaps. Keep up the good work
Ross – Vic
I’ve tried many different soaps but I like that I know what is in yours. That it’s hand made in Tasmania as I like to support local. A big thing for me is that you don’t use palm oil. Thank you.
Andrea  Tasmania
I want to thank you for your new skin cream range.
I have used the night serum and face cream day and night and my skin has never looked better and your cream lasts so long as it spreads and absorbs so well into my face.