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What is a Castile soap.

Castile means that a soap is 100% made from olive oil. This term came from the region of Castilia now know as Spain when the Mores invaded the region in the 7th century and brought the soap making knowledge with them. Olive oil has been used for supporting of the skin since the Egyptian, Greek and Roman times.

Are Olive Oil soaps suitable for problem skin.

The wonderful benefits of extra virgin Olive Oil is the nutrients that are within olive oil. Think of the main nutrients that our skin needs which is Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Zinc. The main 2 ingredients are vitamin A & E. That is why our biggest customer base for our soaps are for those with
Eczema: Supporting the skin to increase moisture, reduce stress on the skin due to commercial product and reduce inflamed red itchy skin.
Psoriasis: Take the stress from the skin and reduce chemicals from commercial products, is great as a shave soap for those with psoriasis of the face and hair.
Dry and sensitive skin: Many people skin dries out over the winter months which leads to increased dryness which leads to itchy skin
Oily skin

Does everyone make their soaps from olive oil.

There are only a small number of producers in Australia who make their soaps with only olive oil.  Many people say they make olive oil soaps but often add additional fats like animal fat, petroleum products, other oils like  palm, coconut, rice bran, caster oils and other bulking agents. Some of these ingredients can be damaging to the skin, they can aggravate, dry and irritate.

Do Olive oil soaps lather.

Yes, our customers love the luscious lather that our soaps produce, they are a small creamy bubble as they do not have chemicals added to give it a large bubble.

Can I wash my hair with Extra virgin olive oil soap.
Yes you can. Our olive oil soaps come in a hard bar or a liquid Castile which is a body wash without chemicals. Both are great for washing hair, face and body.

Do Olive Oil Soaps last very long.

Olive oil soaps will last 3-4 times longer than a commercial soap. Olive oil soaps a best if dried in a well drained area.

Do we use Australian extra virgin Olive Oil to make our skincare range.

All of our extra virgin olive oil we use is Australian (Tasmanian) comes from a wonderful farm in Southern Tasmania where the air is free of pollution and is slow growing and ripening leading to higher antioxidants. We only use Australian (Tasmanian) grown extra virgin olive oil. Our oil is not certified organic but no chemicals are used with more a bio dynamic style of growing.

What is your business philosophy?
We wholeheartedly believe that the closest to nature that an ingredient is the better it is for us. We believe in “doing no harm” We support using locally grown ingredients and chemical free as how can we ask people to support us is we do not support Australian grown and giving back. The giving back to society is very important to our business ethos. By using only Australian grown olive oil means we do not support the palm oil industry. We are the proud sponsors of a number of Orangutans and also have moved into buying of land to expand the habitat of Orangutans but also other species which are affected by the destruction of rain forest.

We donate monies to “save the Tasmanian devil” project in Tasmania to help the devils overcome the facial tumor disease.

We have this year also started working with KIVA and have loans to support women in business. The ability for women to start or nurture their businesses and bring their families out of poverty or enable them to educate their children is very important to the world.