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Our story

In 2007 after completing my Naturopathic degree when I had developed our herbal tea range and Andrew originally from New Zealand wanted to branch out from travelling the world as a chef had decided to take a sideways step and studied soap skincare manufacturing so is now our resident “skin care chef”. We decided to move to Tasmania to further develop and grow our brand. The sacrifice of moving from friends and family meant that the move had to be for the right reasons.

The reason of choosing Tasmania is it fitted with our ethos of clean. The purity of the air, the water and soil fitted with our brand and the integrity of who we were and wanted to show that through our products.

We had started soap making but after a very short time understood the effect on the environment that supporting ingredients like Palm oil did Andrew went about developing the range of soaps based on the traditional methods of soap making tracing back pre 7th century where the only fat used was olive oil.

We chose Olive oil as the great benefits that the oil contains. They are high in antioxidants of vitamin E & A greatly moisturising and have a very long life. Traditionally they were available to all but in modern times they are not. We want as many people as possible to be able to benefit from our soaps and as they last such a long time and we do not waste costs on excess packaging and such that drive up the prices they are more affordable and accessible to most.

Being a Naturopath isn’t a job it was a way of life and be it to ourselves or others was to “do no harm” That means to the environment, ourselves and our customers so the ingredients that we used had to fit within this so sourcing quality local ingredients where possible was essential.

We developed a relationship with a wonderful olive grower who grows his olives on the rolling hills of southern Tasmania where the slow growing season ensured slow growing, slow ripening and high anti oxidant fruits. We have sourced vibrant herb growers scattered around the state or on the mainland depending on where the herb grows to support our products.

We are passionate about what goes near our bodies, we see food as medicine be it internal or external enabling people to be able to support aspects of their lives and not get caught up in the medical paradigm. It boils back to keep it simple. Eat simply, use simple things on our skin and not to far from its original state. We want to put back what others have taken away, so we definitely only use the best quality ingredients, grown as close to the source as possible which leads to greater benefits and that are free from silicones, parabens, petrochemicals, SLS, palm oil, micro plastics, dyes or oxides – offering everything you need…. and nothing you don’t.

Within the skincare and cosmetics industry more than half of the cost goes to packaging but we chose to put most of our money into our ingredients. Be it our olive oil which is sourced locally and costs much more than what we can get from further afield, our essential oils not synthetic oils, to pay the price for quality organic herbs grown locally if it grows here otherwise the best quality ingredients are sourced from where they only grow on earth not because of price. We try and are minimal in our packaging but understand that in some cases we do have to package so the paper and packaging we use is biodegradable or recycled.

Always remember we use our products so would you expect us to compromise on what we want in quality, feel or taste.

As a Naturopath it is hypocritical to support the use of palm oil. As an ingested food source it is something that can have detrimental effects on ones health but environmentally it has a greater impact. We really dislike companies which say they use “sustainable” palm oil. Is there such a thing? The definition of sustainable is “the ability to sustain or support itself” Yes Palm oil plantations can do these things but it is where they are planting them is the issue. The rich soils of rain forests are destroyed but chopping down or worse fires so the habitat of birds, insects and animals can not be sustained, that is what the true meaning of sustainable should be and it is misleading so for that reason Palm oil in any form that is grown outside of Africa (where it is native to) should not be supported.

Giving back

There are so many causes and areas that we can all support and it is important for us as a business to give back to the community. Every time our customers purchase our products they can be proud to know that they are giving back and supporting groups like:

Save the Tassie Devil fund to ensure safe environments of the Tassie Devil from the deadly facial tumour.

KIVA for women to start or nurture their own businesses and bring them selves out of poverty and to help their communities.

We love Orang-utans. We have adopted a number over the years and last year started to branch out putting more support into habitat and expansion of such. This also means more employment to locals to monitor these areas (so they don’t have to plant palm on their land) and also saves many more animals and critters along the way.

Our ingredients and products are steeped in history, be it the first medicine for our herbal teas or be it the first soap, skincare and cleaning product in our olive oil and in many cases both were combined for foods, medicines or creams so lets be safe to say that if its been used for 1,000’s of years why change it.