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do you suffer from dry or problem skin? let us help you find the perfect soap for your skin
do you suffer from health issues let a herbal tea be part of your support, ask us how.
The rolling hills in southern Tasmania with the pure air and water where our olives grow
At Natures Path we use Olive oil and nothing but Olive oil in our soap making process which makes it
“pure food for the skin”
We use locally grown olive oil, organic herbs and spices for colour and pure essential oils for fragrance.
It is super moisturising supporting dry skin.
Is high in Vitamin A&E and other nutrients which is supporting to skin issues like psoriasis & eczema.
Our soaps do not contain any palm oil, coconut oil, SLS or micro plastics.

Our soaps have a very good life so we GUARANTEE our soaps will last longer that the soap you use or your money back
Our range of Castile Skin care includes Liquid Castile for those who like a body wash. We do not use SLS, silicones or other foaming agents.

Our lotions and creams as our customers tell us are so moisturising and well absorbing. We do not use sorboline or fillers and use only Olive oil emulsifying wax to make our face creams. Do you know most emulsifying wax is made from palm oil!!
Herbal teas have traditionally been used for healing and supporting. As Naturopaths we have developed our range that is of the highest quality and vitality. This adds to greater benefits and flavours. Our teas are to be incorporated as part of your life and enjoyed. We use the finest quality ingredients sourced from Tasmania and Australia wide where available.
Our standard of quality follows into our range of black and green teas mostly organically sourced from Australia and overseas from the finest tea growing regions of the world.
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