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Olive & Ash
(previously natures path)
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If you wish to order both tea and soap together you can still do so at this site.

Our soaps do not contain artificial colours or perfumes, SLS, palm oil, parabans or micro plastics. It is created for assisting in healing of dry and problem skin like psoriasis and eczema they are very moisturising and we GUARANTEE that they will last longer than any other soaps you use or your money back.


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where you will enjoy a greater range of our washes and creams. if you wish to purchase both Teas and Liquids or creams yo can still do so from this site.
Our range includes liquid castile body wash free of any of silicone, sls or other foaming agents and re highly concentrated so you need very little. Our lotions an d moisturisers as our customers tell us are beautiful on the skin and absorb well. our face creams only use olive oil emulsifying wax. do you know that 99% of face creams contain palm oil wax! Our creams are free of sorbolene and other bad things


Herbal teas are traditionally used to support health. We as naturopaths have developed our range so you can get pure enjoyment from both the flavour and benefits all thrown into one. Also browse our range of high quality green and black teas from around the world.